In the Evening Isvestia:

The claims provoked an immediate response from Mayor Boris Johnson, who said: “If Paris is seen as the city of light it must be plugged into the London grid.

“Ours is the real capital of culture, the arts and fashion — a vibrant, diverse and welcoming city steeped in history.”

He added: “It is bursting with world class attractions and entertainment, and filled with more Michelin starred restaurants than our Gallic cousins can muster. Venez à Londres.”

No it bloody doesn’t.  2012 Michelin Guide (which is when he originally started using it):

  1. Paris : 82 (including 10 3 stars)
  2. London : 55 (including 2 3 stars, the same as Bruges and fewer than San Sebastian in Spain)

London is clearly the second most starred city in Europe by a good long way but is also twice the size of Paris and thus has considerably fewer Michelin starred restaurants per capita than the French capital.

Let’s see how often Boris has used this in the past without being pulled up:

July 2012, Channel 4’s FactCheck isn’t fooled for a moment, at what’s probably the first use of the false fact, at the opening of the media centre:

“More Michelin-starred restaurants than Paris, if I’ve got that statistic right…I think I’m getting some learned nods there, but if I’m wrong I’m more than happy to go and verify that. In Paris.”

On restaurants, we foresee a trip to Paris in the offing, because he’s wrong on that one too.

October 2012, the Independent doesn’t do its homework:

Before the Olympics, in a last-minute sales pitch for the city, Boris Johnson boasted that London had more Michelin-starred restaurants than Paris

November 2012, the Telegraph doesn’t rock the boat either, it’s perfectly obviously untrue, but that’s fine, it’s Boris, and he’s a legernd.  To point out that he’s a congenital liar makes one a ‘spoilsport':

The capital, he went on, exported bicycles to Holland, mosquito repellent to Brazil, tea to China, Piers Morgan to America. It even had more Michelin-starred restaurants than Paris. “Yes! A fact too good to check!”

If, like a spoilsport, you do indeed check, you will of course find that Paris has comfortably more Michelin-starred restaurants than London. But to a Boris audience, mere accuracy is beside the point.

March 2013, ITV:

Overheard – Johnson to Blanc: “I keep claiming we have more Michelin stars than Paris but I’m told the statistic is nonsense”.

“A fact too good to be checked,” according to one City Hall insider.

This is a classic example of a Great Boris Lie – it was known to be wrong from the start, yet he’s not only carried on using it, but the press are letting him despite (mostly) knowing it’s wrong.  This isn’t looking very good for the press really.  A proper free and unafraid press, like the one Boris has been trying to kid us that Leveson is going to remove, would find out whether he was given it or just made it up and why he continued using it for at least nine months after it had been pointed out as baloney by Channel 4.


8 Responses to Great Boris Lies #10 – ‘London Has More Michelin Starred Restaurants Than Paris’

  1. Helen says:

    His latest lie is that the Routemaster was withdrawn from regular use in London due to “health and safety”; if that really was the case, how is his Vanity Bus managing to operate with its open back door? Only by employing a Health and Safety Operative on each vehicle, erroneously referred to as a “conductor”.

  2. The truther says:

    “But to a Boris audience, mere accuracy is beside the point.”

    They really printed that? – Oh my god – don’t people realise what fucking fools they have been?

    So Boris was elected on a lie (Lee Jasper), he has lied his way through office and I’m willing to bet his ‘legacy’ will also be a lie.

    If people just want Liars then I could do that job – I could lie about London and how great it is all day.

    Did people think they were electing a mayor to RUN London – or a PR spokesperson to simply ‘promote’ it?

  3. The truther says:

    When it comes to that project – it’s all a lie. I am still curious as the original problem was that the routemaster was goingto fall foul of EU disability legislation which insists that buses should be wheelchair accessible.
    The new buses (well so I’ve heard, cos I’ve not seen one yet) – do not appear to be anymore accessible than their predecessors.

    …if only we had a media which asked questions – instead of a bunch of moronic typers who simply reprint the corporation / government / councils PR statement.

  4. Appealing of Ealing says:

    My but you are tedious.

    Will you ever be giving over?

  5. The truther says:

    So appealing of Ealing is happy with his city being run by a liar?
    Are you also content with your media supporting such liars?
    I suppose all liars must stick together eh?

  6. Reason says:

    “London is clearly the second most starred city in Europe by a good long way but is also twice the size of Paris”

    Err, since we’re being pedantic, no it’s not. London and Paris are fairly similar sized cities.

    Urban area populations (Wikipedia):

    London: 11,905,500 (2011 Census)
    Paris: 10,413,386 (Jan. 2009)

    You’re probably comparing the Political entities of Paris (the 20 Arrondissements) to Greater London (the 32 Boroughs), but this isn’t an accurate measure of relative population. The political entity of Paris has been unchanged since the 19th century, and now covers a relatively small part of it’s urban area. Where as “Greater London” is a 20th century invention that covers a relatively large portion of London’s urban expanse.

  7. The truther says:

    As we’re being pedantic.

    Central 2.2mil
    Inner 4.3mil
    Outer 5.0mil

    Inner (re central) 3.2mil
    Outer (re inner) 4.9mil
    Greater (re Outer) 8.1mil

    Looks fairly accurate to me.

    Maybe you should concentrate on why your boss is such a liar – rather than trying to shoot the messenger who is pointing it out to you.

  8. Jay Smith says:

    So your issue is he talked up London and it’s food to audiences and readers around the world preparing to come for the olympics. And the press went along with it and didn;t turn around and say Boris your wrong Londons food is rubbish and has no culture?

    I’m shocked that Bojo could do such a thing shocked :O

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