Thanks to Simon Harris of ITV for taking and tweeting this picture:

NB4L Capacity Placard

We can now confirm the maths in the previous post and say that contrary to what Boris and TfL have been saying for years they’ve just spunked £212m on a 600 buses which carry 9% fewer passengers than a regular off the shelf hybrid, which is also 25% cheaper.

We still don’t know the fuel consumption because TfL won’t tell us.  The ICO will be contacted later about TfL’s refusal to answer simple FoI requests.

For comparison, here’s the stats for the the original long Routemaster (RML) against the ‘best bus in the world’ (as Boris put it):

  •  RML: 7874kg – 72 seats – 5 standing
  •  NB4L: 12460kg – 62 seats – 18 standing

So the NB4L achieves the magnificent feat of weighing 58% more despite having fewer seats.


7 Responses to New Bus Capacity Confirmed As 80

  1. tom says:

    Who cares? It’s a better bus, and worth every penny.

  2. The truther says:


    The bus is smaller, and costs more – by what definition is it ‘better’.

    If you want to wank over a nice looking bus then I suggest you take yourself to the TFL museum – rather than expecting taxpayers to pay for a failed mayor.

    This is the problem with Tories – eventually they always run out of other people’s money – and then lie about it.

  3. Robert Burnett says:

    the figures add up to 81 on that sign ?????????????????

  4. Tony Woolf says:

    No excuse for Boris and TFL not telling the truth. But the wheelchair space will be worth a great deal to those who need it, as the only alternative is a very much more expensive taxi.
    Does that wheelchair space subtract from the standing passengers though?

  5. DePiffle says:

    For people using wheelchairs, taxis are not the only alternative. The entire London bus network has been wheelchair-accessible since the end of 2005. The New Bus adds nothing new in this respect.

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  7. […] New Bus For London, being massively overweight, can only carry 80 passengers plus one wheelchair (fewer than the double-deckers it replaced on route 24) and also takes up more road space as it is […]

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