One of the detrimental claims made by Boris Johnson and his supporters about the articulated buses which once operated in London was that they were “junction blockers”. Today is the first full day of operation for the first batch of production models of the Mayor’s expensive, overweight and under-capacity New Bus For London on route 24. Here’s what happened, observed by Camden New Journal’s Richard Osley: BendyFail Yes, it’s an excessively long, brand new, bespoke vehicle which has broken down and is blocking a junction. Way to “Smooth Traffic Flow” Boris.

UPDATE (Tom) – Richard has posted his own blog of the incident with a better picture.  The vehicle is LT15, delivered in early June, and since it’s not on the 24 route was presumably entering service from Holloway Depot about half a mile away.


4 Responses to The Junction-Blocking New Bus For London

  1. Tom says:

    It’s not on the 24 route, but from the way it’s facing it must have been coming from the depot to the start of the route in Hampstead.

  2. Saif says:

    That bus looks like it is going southbound from Hampstead Heath (though it could be from the depot) as it is heading south on Kentish Town Rd.

  3. Andrew W1 says:

    It doesn’t matter if it is in service or not, it is still blocking a junction, just like the one in Trafalgar Square.
    They have been trialling the prototypes for a long time on route 38 and you would have hoped that the any problems would have been resolved during the trial. It looks as if they have been put in to fleet service too early so Boris can say that he has kept his promise.
    In many ways they are a direct replacement for the bendy bus. They have three doors, two of which are for fare dodgers, and are so long they have problems getting round corners. I have seen them struggle in the Hampstead Heath area.
    However, the bendy bus had a capacity of around 150 including standing and didn’t need the man at the back who is there to stop people getting off the open platform between stops, which was one of the justifications for the open platform in the first place.
    It is clear that Boris will be leaving London with a legacy in the form of a flet of 600 Borismasters, although a liability is probably a better description.

  4. Melvyn Windebank says:

    Borismasters are over 11 metres long and bus supporters magazine TLB raised the question as to how Boris will fit these buses into Londons streets especially when you think he has ordered 600 that’s 200 more than the number of Artic buses Ken needed which gave far greater capacity !

    Another local newspaper also reported that one of these new Borismasters on the 24 started leaking oil ! Which buses ended up bunching at Hampstead end of route a situation made worse by Northern Line closure meaning a bus replacement service was also in operation!

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