Day five of the production models of the New Bus For London on route 24 – buses still breaking down:


Many passengers are reporting that the heat on the upper deck is unbearable, why don’t the windows open and why isn’t there air conditioning? There is air conditioning – that’s why the ceiling on the upper deck is skull-smackingly low. Boris Johnson claims his expensive, bespoke bus:

has got amazing new air conditioning

Let’s see what passengers have to say about the air conditioning:


















It wasn’t even that hot in London today – 21°. It can reach 30° or more in London in the summer. Never fear, I’ll be on the upper deck of a 24 bus with my thermometer if it gets really hot later this summer.


7 Responses to Great Boris Lies #12 – ‘It Has Got Amazing New Air Conditioning’

  1. SheddyIan says:

    Is the air conditioning actually switched on? Switching it off whilst you’re monitoring fuel efficiency would be a good way to improve the MPG slightly.

  2. Helen says:

    @SheddyIan Yes, it’s switched on -it’s very noisy upstairs.

  3. Jolly chef says:

    Im on the 24 routemaster, sorry, heatblaster. I feel so sick with not only the heat but the horrible smell… like a chapel of rest. Im wondering if the heat is embalming folks upstairs. This time last week it only went 2 stops before a fierce heat blew out the bents, then the smell of plastic burning, then it stopped altogether as the power steering went. Sorry Boris but you have wasted a fortune on an iconic piece of …. cant wait to get out!

  4. Jingle says:

    i feel like strangling boris after each day i have to travel on the 24 to work.

    why are we paying more each year on fares so we can suffer more?

  5. […] on a hot summer’s day is cooler than a brand new, bespoke bus which is claimed to have amazing new air conditioning then there is something very, very wrong with the new […]

  6. RicP says:

    Please PURLEASE stop referring to this vehicle as a Routemaster. The iconic RM hit the streets as a prototype in 1954, and was a brilliant piece of design, and the ultimate classic bus, in use for 50 years.
    This new creation should only be referred to as a BORISMSTER, to remind Londoners of the eccentric egotist who conceived the idea. Like Boris it doesn’t work properly, and it looks ridiculous!

  7. robert says:

    I have to say as a driver that the a/c in the drivers cab is freezing cold. We as drivers have NO control over the heating or a/c for the passenger area/s Please dont complain to us the driver, but to TFL directly! Or no change will happen. Drivers complaints are not listened to so its up to YOU. I am proud of these new buses and hope they will be the new icon for london as the old routemasters were. All the best.

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