With no prior warning and with no reference to it on their website, TfL have suddenly removed the “conductors” from the New Bus For London prototypes on route 38, meaning the buses are all now operating as driver-only with the back door firmly shut whilst the vehicles are in motion.

Funny. Especially as, only yesterday, Boris Johnson was trumpeting on his new LBC radio show:

I’m told Londoners are confused by the ‘hop on, hop off’ system – we’re trying to get people to rediscover the joy of this

Yesterday Tom and I both observed, independently, the prototypes running with their back doors shut and no “conductor” on different parts of the 38 route and reports from Twitter users confirm this:

As for the production models on the 24 route, they’re still going as well as expected:


4 Responses to “Conductors” Removed From New Bus For London On Route 38

  1. FreeBBC says:

    The conductors on the 38 have been removed on the same day when the Route 24 gets converted to NBFL’s.

    This is what TFL told me about the removal of the conductors…

    “In regards to the removal of conductors on bus route 38, this route was a prototype and was standardised on June 22 following a successful trial period of running with conductors. This bus route will now be run in One Person Operated mode, with the driver being able to operate all three doors automatically.”

    I have sent an email telling them why and i haven’t received a response from them for now.

    It means, people will board and not bother to touch in… Another named coined is the Freemaster

    And those Ovenmaster’s/Saunamasters on the 24, I literally think Metroline is not bothering to fix it because the buses are actually at the hands of TFL. What will TFL expect? The buses in Hong Kong and Singapore have successful air conditioning, but it will not work on the production NBFL’s? Plus the hottest area in the bus is the pace where the conductor stands.

  2. FreeBBC says:

    Another thing related to the Route 38…

    At 0:55:15 on a video by MyParadiseLostJS, the passenger comes up to the driver asking about the conductors removed.

    Here is the quick transcript I made

    at 0:55:15
    Passenger: They get rid of the conductor, Are they going to get rid of them buses anyway?
    Driver: I don’t know
    Passenger: But Arriva won’t have them because they can’t get the torch to fix them, so that is a bit of a waste of time so far.

    at 0:58:30
    Passenger: Is this the last stop?
    Driver: No next one
    Passenger: When did they take the conductors off?
    Driver: Saturday
    Passenger: Oh when they refuse the buses finally, they took the conductors off.
    Driver: Yep
    Passenger: Coz they are not gonna have these?
    Driver: Probably not
    Passenger: Yep, but they can’t get the torch for it, so if they break down they’re stuffed.

    But its usually down to TFL to decide whenever to get rid of the buses or not. The 2 NBFL’s are on its world tour which leave Arriva 6 NBFL’s to operate on the 38 in OPO only.
    Also London Bus Routes website provides a timetable for the NBFL on the 38 but it mentions it will only be in one person operation for now.

  3. Greg Tingey says:

    The obvious comment
    What’s the bloody point then?

    I suspect the evil Elf’nsafteee jobsworths are at work here….
    Talking to a bus driver on Tuesday & he was suggesting that all might not be well with the Borisbus.

  4. ASLEF shrugged says:

    Go Ahead are advertising in the Metro and ES today for Passenger Assistants for the no. 11.

    Full job description here


    No mention of how much they’re getting

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