Yesterday, Boris Johnson spoke to BBC London Transport Correspondent, Tom Edwards, concerning the sauna-like conditions being experienced by passengers on the New Bus For London:

This is simply a teething problem and I’ve spoken to several people who said they had a fine, a fantastic experience on, er, I know there’ve been some people who’ve had Bikram Yoga-type experiences, you know, obviously we’re sorry for that. 

There was a technical problem which has been rectified.

The Mayor also made the same claim to the Evening Standard’s Pippa Crerar:

Yeah? Jimmy Hill, as we Routemaster-riding children of the 1970s would say. Transport commentator Christian Wolmar decided to try out the New Bus For London today:


Other passengers also report the same problems today, some in a rather more forthright manner:




The “conductors” have been preventing the claimed “hop on, hop off” facility:


The wheelchair space is unusable for electric wheelchairs:


Repeated promises that the air cooling system has been fixed when it clearly has not, “conductors” still denying passengers the pleasure of leaping off and a wheelchair bay which isn’t fit for purpose. These problems don’t seem to be going away any time soon, so when will the Mayor and TfL admit that their “great feat of British engineering” is nothing of the sort?


2 Responses to Boris Johnson: “There Was A Technical Problem Which Has Been Rectified” – Londoners Say Otherwise.

  1. organic cheeseboard says:

    For me the heat issue has been a useful way to look at what I think are more serious problems with the entire premise. All buses get hot in the summer, though this one seems to get a fair bit hotter and stuffier. More important are surely the facts – and that they are – that the ‘conductors’ were a true and total gimmick, as was the ‘hop on hop off’ system, and that you can still fare dodge on the new buses just like on the bendy ones. So the new bus actually solves not a single one of the ‘problems’ it was meant to.

    I never take the routes they run on so have only seen one in the street and I’m surely not alone in also thinking them really ugly and dated-looking.

  2. Guano says:

    Wikipedia claims that the New Bus is an updated Routemaster. The significant difference, though, is that the original Routemaster was designed in-house by London Transport, and was the result of several years of careful design work and more than two years of careful in-service evaluation of the prototypes. That certainly isn’t the case for the New Bus.

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