Arriva Trains Wales can do it, why not Boris Johnson, Transport for London and WrightBus :

24 July 2013

We are aware of defects with the air conditioning system fitted to our class 158 fleet and apologise for any discomfort experienced recently as a result. We are currently delivering a £0.5m investment in upgrading the air conditioning system fitted to this fleet to make it more reliable. We are aware of some technical issues highlighted with the upgraded system in the current hot weather and are working closely with the vehicle owners and manufacturer of the air conditioning system to resolve these problems.

We would also like to take this opportunity to convey our apologies to all customers who may have experienced discomfort whilst travelling on our services during the recent hot weather.

Matthew Prosser
Fleet Director

Maybe because Boris Johnson, Transport for London and WrightBus know that the New Bus For London is a massively expensive embarrassment which is ill-conceived, badly made and not fit for purpose?


3 Responses to A Public Apology For Causing Your Passengers Discomfort – How To Do It

  1. CTD says:

    At least the class 158 dmu’s are over 20 years old and they have windows that can be opened by the conductor.

  2. S N Barnes says:

    Interesting that the specification for the LOROL trains (Class 378) include the provision of lockable opening windows, recognising the need for a contingency measure when trains might come to a stand with a power supply or a/c failure and need a better solution than opening the doors.

    Does the new S Stock (basically from the same stable as the Class 378) also have this feature?

    Of course there may be nothing at all ‘wrong’ with the a/c on the Arriva trains(interesting though that, Scotrail, First GW, SW Trains, and Northern also operate Class 158’s , and have no such reports or apologies). In exceptionally warm weather, or where the cooling capacity of the condenser coils is reduced by blocked filters or a warm air leakage from say an exhaust pipe passing through the airflow meant to be used for cooling, the cooling ability is diminished. Equally if (as on the Class 220/221) the engine exhaust passes through a duct in the carriage body (in the corridor by the toilet) that part of the carriage will get insufferably warm, and heat up any thermostat nearby, and this in turn causes the a/c system to work very hard and make the opposite end of the carriage chillingly cold as the system gets confused instructions from the temperature controls.

    I would be looking especially for the hot condenser problem as a key detail in the failure to cool check-list. The chiller cabinets in supermarkets had this problem when the heat coming out from the condenser unit – often in the base of the unit, pushed out warm air which was then drawn in to the chilled cabinet and made the unit have to work even harder to cool itself down. I just wonder if this may be at the root of the bus problem

  3. Nope, the S stock doesn’t have unlockable windows – same as any other tube train in this respect. The exception is the District Line D stock which do have pull down windows, apparently installed due to carriage overheating.

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