The vicious bollard which jumps out when drivers are least expecting it at the Hampstead terminus of route 24:

Still too hot:









Still breaking down:


  Passengers beginning to twig that Boris Johnson’s vanity project is an expensive disaster:

A regular user of route 24 told me this week that the moquette is already beginning to wear out – watch this space.




6 Responses to More Of The Same For The New Bus For London – Plus A New Menace On Our Streets

  1. FreeBBC says:

    Well, if i had my way, the over £200 million (which the GLA spent on NBFL project) will be spent on improving the transport system in London.

    What TFL need to do is learn from it’s past. On their old London Transport website (via It mentions that they prefer buying buses from the manufacture instead of having its own bus designed. Here is the quote.
    “The other major transformation in the last 25 years has been LT’s decision to buy buses from the manufacturers rather than design itself a bus suited specifically to the congested conditions of London’s streets.”

    And also i checked couple years on with the LT website and found this familiar.
    “Some buses have an open platform, not doors. NEVER try to get on or off an open platform bus except at a bus stop and always wait until the bus has stopped.”

    I wonder how will TFL going to cough up the money to get the 1 NBFL fixed.

  2. New ground breaking says:

    I had my first ‘experience’ of the NBL on Saturday – I was crossing the road outside parliament (always dangerous) with some tourists and the NBL nearly ran us over. This was particularly annoying as the pedestrians had the right of way over the bus.

    The driver was clearly a wanker – so I let him know in at least 4 languages!

    Clearly ‘customer service training’ is not included in the NBL training – nor it seems are warnings about not running over pedestrians.

    It’s not my fault the bus is so bloody hot – maybe you shouldn’t have volunteered to drive the piece of shit!

  3. FreeBBC says:

    Another thing i like to add…

    One of the Route 24 NBFL’s jumped a red light…

  4. Andrew W1 says:

    Good job it only damaged the bodywork and not one of the glass panels / windows which look very expensive to replace.
    Does anyone know the cost of replacing any of the non-standard glass panels on these new buses and a comparative cost for replacing similar panels on other modern buses? My guess is that the difference with be a very large number.

  5. FreeBBC says:

    Thirdly, There have been a fare dodging attempt which have been caught on video.

  6. Melvyn says:

    And on Monday 23 September just days after launch on route 11 one goes off its route and crashes with passengers injured with report in Evening Standard that bus was going at nearly 30 mph with possible break problems.

    Surely its time to both question the safety of these buses and widespread deployment based on a few buses that have run on easy route 38 and question what would happen if this failure occurred on planned route 390 down Archway ?

    Wonder how Borismaster would cope with old style London Transport Skid Pan test?

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