Helen’s been out and about looking for new No. 10 lardbuses and has found one – the weight is now down a bit further to 12190kg, suggesting they’re eking out very small gains (the previous two weights were 12220 and 12230kg).

Meanwhile the not at all vanity B5LH Euro 6 revamp is apparently 11265kg and Alexander Dennis have finally unwrapped their very interesting new Enviro 400 model which again majors in weight saving and has a lot of anti-Lardbus advertising about how it was designed with the industry for the industry.  Since they’re claiming to have sold 400 while the Lardbus has sold only to the people who own the design and can force the operators to run them whether or not they want to, there’s some backing evidence on that point.  It remains to be seen what the weight’s likely to be on this – current E400H models seem to be around 11,900 and ADL claim a 400kg cut so this will presumably be around 11500kg, about three-quarters of a tonne less than the Lardbus and with more seats.


2 Responses to Latest Lardbus Weight – Still Lardy

  1. Al Storer (@Al__S) says:

    Have you worked out yet why on earth First West Yorkshire have decided that the best alternative to West Yorks PTE’s Leeds trolley bus scheme is a fleet of lardmasters? The PTE don’t seem too impressed with the campaign, but it is still worrying that any part of First thinks these beasts might be the best solution to anything.

  2. RTC says:

    i saw a No.10 BMR on Tuesday and the rear door was open and Platform attendant was present. I was waiting at Hyde Park heading back west and 2 No.10’s and a No.9 turned up but I waited an extra minute and got the 414 to South Ken which was an Enviro 400.

    First have completely pulled out of London,maybe its because they cant set fare levels and rip Bus users off as they do elsewhere in the country?

    Madness if Leeds goes down that route but maybe they can take used Borismaster’s when Boris disappears in 2 yrs time and the incoming mayor tries to recover some of the lost and wasted money!

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