After last year’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office world tour by two (later three, presumably to cope with the breakdowns) of WrightBus’s Boris Johnson-commissioned New Bus For London vehicles, orders for this “pinnacle of British automotive engineering design” must surely be rolling in in an uncontrollable tsunami of enthusiasm from those countries who endured it breaking down enjoyed the experience of travelling on a mobile sauna.

Hong Kong, as Tom reported last October, were so impressed by the new bus that they ordered over 530 of Alexander Dennis’s new generation Enviro500 instead.

Now, Singapore has followed suit, rejected the WrightBus New Bus For London and placed an order for 201 Alexander Dennis Enviro500s :

Singapore transport operator, SMRT Corporation, has signed a contract with Alexander Dennis Ltd (ADL) for the supply of 201 Enviro500 double deckers. The deal is understood to be worth £50m. The contract is part of a major initiative by SMRT to upgrade its fleet and will result in the introduction of new generation ADL deckers, all of which will be built and delivered during 2014 and 2015. The Enviro500s will be two-door, 12m vehicles with Cummins Euro5 nine-litre, 340hp engines, capable of carrying 84 seated passengers and 40 standees.

SMRT’s Senior Vice President, Roads Business Group, Benny Lim, said, ‘After going out to international tender and evaluating product offerings from around the world we have agreed on a supply contract with ADL. We have been impressed by their new Enviro500 high capacity double deck and by their aim to build a long term relationship with us. The Enviro500 is a modern, low emissions vehicle that carries large numbers of people but still has the same footprint as a conventional single deck. This means we can reduce traffic congestion but still maintain our high standards of service. In addition, the safety, reliability, passenger comfort and fuel performance of the Enviro500 is impressive. We now look forward to working with ADL and building a strong business partnership that will take us into the future.’

ADL’s Commercial and International Business Development Director, Robert Davey, said, ‘We are delighted to be part of a new future in Singapore and to be involved in such a prestigious project with SMRT. Our new-generation, three-axle double deck – the Enviro500 – is proving to be a real winner. This latest order means that we have now sold over 1,000 Enviro500s since we introduced the new bus to the market in late 2012. It is testimony to our engineers, vehicle builders and aftermarket teams that we are taking competitors on head-to-head in numerous global markets and coming out in front. In this case there was fierce international competition, including well-established suppliers in the local market, so I am particularly pleased that we have prized open this gateway to Singapore and, in doing so, sent a signal to many other territories in the region.’

Maybe Singapore would rather not buy a vehicle which is unbearable to use in its climate without an enormous, portable air-conditioning unit onboard?


8 Responses to First Hong Kong, Now Singapore Rejects The WrightBus New Bus For London

  1. MAD_ZOIDBERG says:

    I’m sorry Helen but you are confusing opinion with fact.

    The Bus for London is designed specifically for London. It is NOT designed to operate in these areas. It has been around the Globe purely supporting the “Great” campaign, promoting British business. In that respect it promotes Wrightbus, Alexander and any other automotive manufacturer for that matter.

    Wrightbus specifically design and build a bus for Hong Kong which has been very successful.

    In terms of Singapore, Wrightbus is currently building over 1000 buses for Singapore; again it is a unique design for Singapore operation.

    That doesn’t sound like rejection of the Wrightbus product at all.

  2. ASLEF shrugged says:

    MZ – one of Boris’s claims was that the NB4L would be so popular that it would eventually be used outside London, as it is TfL had to pay for them as none of the bus operating companies would touch them with a barge pole.

  3. RTC says:

    Boris claimed it was on a tour to pick up orders,that a bus this good needed to be shared with the World and orders would be flying in shortly.
    If as MZ is saying,all this has shown is that if you dont have the right people in charge and leave it to politicians instead of designers and engineers to design stuff then this is what you get. Wrightbus and ADL do show you how its done but just not with the Roast Master! Does the RM even have Wright on it like every other Wright Bus? Dont get me wrong Ive got nothing against Wright in general but the RM has done them no favours.

    I would like to thank Boris though because of him,ADL go from strength to strength showing how it really should be done but the poor fare paying passengers have been subjected to a substandard project that has cost more than it should because somebody wanted a vanity project.

    The scary thing is if the Conservatives loose the 2015 General Election then Boris is the next leader of the Conservatives and how scary is that! Just think of how much damage he could wreck in the Uk after his stint in London.If that doesnt want to make you emigrate then I dont know what will!

  4. Tighten_up says:


    Not sure where you are getting your facts from.

    The bus was a massive hit in Singapore – you only have to see the crowds who appeared at every event. Not sure an ADL standard London bus would have pulled in any visitors.

    I understand that the Singapore operators are very keen to take a lot of the technology from this bus and implement it into the much larger vehicles they use.

    Seems to me you are very anti Wrightbus – do you have shares in ADL??

  5. Phil says:

    I think the most important thing to take away from this isn’t some dreary nonsense about doors but the very real fact that Boris Johnson is a fat, lying bell end who will hand public money to any idiot who serves his purposes – i.e, becoming Tory leader.

    It’s disgusting that enough people were stupid enough to elect him.

  6. RTC says:

    The fact people turned out to an event on a new London Bus for Free in Singapore doesnt make it a hit or popular.That comes with orders which are currently ZERO I think you’ll find.So it has just been a very expensive Jolly as per normal. I wonder how much the Roast Master tour cost? Maybe a good FOI request? Ive got nothing against Wright Bus and they have lots of Buses running around the UK but the RM has done them no favours.

    As posted in the article the Enviro 500 holds 84 people,2 doors and all in the same size of a standard Double decker so cuts down on congestion in Singapore. The Roast Master is larger than a standard Double Decker,carrys less people than a DD and costs more! Win Win Win but for who excatly?

  7. Steve says:

    “Tighten Up – I understand that the Singapore operators are very keen to take a lot of the technology from this bus and implement it into the much larger vehicles they use.”

    You are presumably referring to the Siemens (ie, German) driveline.

  8. MAD_ZOIDBERG says:

    July 1st 2014 – SBS Transit has placed orders worth $311 million for 665 Euro V buses, all of which come with wheelchair-friendly features. The newest addition comprises 250 single deck Mercedes Citaro buses and 415 double deck Volvo B9TL Wright buses. Of the new buses, 296 will be funded by the Government under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP).
    – See more at:

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