With a slight trip and a verbal slip, Mayor Johnson began his term. After milking the laughter and offering profuse gratitude, he claimed that little needed to be added to the ‘wonderful debate’ (a protracted flurry of Ad hominem, Ad nauseam). Later, he whipped his way through a few key policies. These will include:

  • The building of 50,000 affordable new homes
  • The (ambiguous) targeting of ‘so called’ minor crime and disorder
  • The (ambiguous) reform of the LDA
  • Reformation of the congestion charge. His Clarksonian claims that the fines would represent a ‘regime’ slightly compromises his unabashed enthusiasm for public transport, and it will be interesting to see his plans develop – or, indeed, splutter to a halt.

Boris also (ambiguously) referred to ‘the names and characters’ which will comprise his administration. The Telegraph and Times are sure that these will include Nick Boles, who was a prospective candidate himself, as well as being the one-time director of the Policy Exchange think-tank. On Friday, Boris will meet with Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York, a meeting which will allegedly play a key role in defining the Johnson administration. What a fearsome two words those are.

You can see the speech at YouTube:


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