Those who were revolted by Ken’s record of nepotism will be perturbed by the news that Guto Harri, the Mayor’s new spin doctor, has been friends with Boris since their days at Oxford. One doubts that this will raise too many eyebrows, however, as Guto was a respected BBC presenter, not a member of Socialist Action.

Harry’s Place, meanwhile, fears that far-left affiliations have developed already. Munira Mirza, a ‘cultural advisor’, is the third person to appointed by Boris who used to work for the Policy Exchange think-tank. What’s interested HP, however, is the fact that she’s a former writer for Spiked Magazine, a watering-hole for former members of the Revolutionary Communist Party. This hardly seems controversial, as the RCP, Munira included, have since (d)evolved into relatively right-wing libertarians, but conspiracy theorists may note that in 2003 George Monbiot was warning of a ‘cultish political network…entering organisations and taking them over’.

Update: The Social Affairs Unit wonders What is it about London Mayors and Marxist Sects?”

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