There was me thinking only nasty old Trots went round airbrushing inconvenient facts out of history.  Spot what’s missing from this TfL press release:

Stephen Norris became a Member of Parliament, representing Oxford East, in 1983. He has served as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport and Minister for Transport in London, where he was responsible for the Jubilee line extension, the largest extension of the London Underground network to date. He has chaired the National Cycling Strategy Board, been the Director General of the Road Haulage Association and President of the Motor Cycle Industry Association and a patron of the cyclists charity, Sustrans and of the Campaign for Better Transport (UK) Trust

To fill in the gap (no, not his being in charge during the JLE overrun, the other one) here’s a little something from Jarvis’ corporate website:

Steven Norris

Steven has a degree in Law and spent most of his early life in the motor and engineering business. He entered Parliament in 1983 and was Minister of Transport in London from 1992 to 1996. He retired from Parliament in 1997 and became Director General of the Road Haulage Association. He is now Senior Partner at Park Place Communications, a consultancy specialising in transport and the built environment and is a leading authority on transport policy and planning. He is a member of the Audit, Nomination and Remuneration Committees.

There, now we have a much more rounded picture.  All part of the service we provide.

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