I have no doubt there’ll be plenty more to be said about today’s Mayor’s Question Time – Boris’s first – but I just wanted to point out the one indisputable lie I’ve seen that he came out with during proceedings, as shown on BBC London today.

In some sort of context at least loosely related to the Sunday Mirror’s exposé of Boris’s red light-jumping on his bike, he said:

Anyone who takes the trouble to pursue me on my bicycle will discover that I’m a punctilious obeyer of traffic lights

Since that has clearly been shown to be false by the Mirror having done exactly that, I find it rather surprising he could try and pass the above off as an answer worthy of the Assembly!

I look forward to seeing the extract shown on the BBC in its full context either via the webcast or perhaps via BBC Parliament.

In the mean time, here are a couple of other people’s write-ups:

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