In a written response to a question by Darren Johnson, Boris last week refused to reveal how much the public was paying for his team of his advisers. Today, however, we see that slyly imbedded in a report to the Business Management and Administration Committee is the admission that the pay of these consultants ‘will not exceed £425,000′.

Not only that, but when the Standard presented this figure to the Mayor’s office “they revised it upwards to £465,000″. Three of these advisers have already completed their work, Nick Boles is stepping down at the end of June and nobody is entirely sure what they’re actually doing. In the meantime, their pay is roughly 70% as large as the annual cost of Boris’s permanent team.

In response to this story, Labour Assembly Member John Biggs stated that:

“The Mayor made a great play of being and open and transparent from day one but this is the latest incident to cast real doubt on this promise… All the Mayor has revealed so far is that his Tory consultants are costing Londoners half a million pounds and some are being paid an equivalent of over £300k a year. I’m not sure how this represents tax payer value for money.”

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