Boris Johnson is bad for the environment and tells lies. That’s virtually the message coming today from a Tory Council leader in Dartford over Boris’ wish for an airport in the Thames Estuary.

During the campaign, Boris promised that an airport in North Kent had been ruled out. Or so says Tony Kite, Conservative leader of Dartford Council:

“I love Boris Johnson to bits but we are not part of London. If Boris thinks an airport in the area would work then he is an idiot.

When I spoke to him during his campaign he assured me north Kent was not an option. Environmentally it doesn’t make sense and there is not the infrastructure to support it.”

Emphasis mine. If Kite’s telling the truth here, then Boris lied to one of his supporters. As he did to many over the statue of Keith Park in Trafalgar Square?

The plan for an airport in North Kent demonstrates the extent of Boris’ commitment to the environment too – or rather, its limits. He clearly doesn’t oppose the expansion of Heathrow airport because it would be a disaster for the environment. If he did, he’d presumably oppose airport expansions anywhere around London.

But no: he wants one in North Kent. His cycling to work everyday is very green, I’m sure. His apparent desire to further pollute with a new airport the already badly polluted Dartford isn’t.

Oh, and did I mention that North Kent isn’t part of London, but Kent? The clue’s in the name for the geographically challenged. Who, presumably, include the Mayor…

(Tip of the hat to Tory Troll)

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