On the Today programme, Boris was asked questions about a memorandum of understanding, which pledges that Londoners, in the case of Olympic overspending, will not suffer from an “increase in the Council Tax precept or an increase in Fares”.

Boris “ha[dn’t] seen” the document, but was sure that it was “not central to the issue“. Later, after another mid-interview epiphany, he decided that “I rather doubt that it exists”. The Memorandum, in fact, is available to all on the internet.

Ken Livingstone called into the radio to ratify the existence of the Memorandum:

“It was published in the House of Commons library, Boris could have seen it as an MP, and I gave a copy to every member of the London assembly. It was mentioned in the media.”

The GLA was quick to ensure that transparency was maintained. In a statement, they claimed that:

“[Boris] was correcting allegations made this morning on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme that a secret agreement existed between the former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone and the government outlining how any cost overruns would be allocated if the 2012 Games budget were exceeded.”

“The agreement referred to is in fact the Memorandum of Understanding between the Mayor and the Government published in full on the 27 June 2007.”

Those obscurantist BBC bastards, referring to a memorandum of understanding as…a memorandum of understanding.

Dave Hill, Tory Troll and The Guardian have more…

A tip of the hat to JPB in the comments…


I have edited this for clarity after Evan’s comment below. It is also worth pointing out that the Memorandum itself may be reviewed “in the light of any material change in the LDA’s role and responsibilities”.


The Telegraph reports in late.

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