From the comments on my previous post it sounds like tonight’s BBC London footage [relevant clip starts 43 seconds in] hadn’t aired before and therefore came as just as much of a shock to everyone else as it did to me and Mrs. Stop Boris (who picked her jaw up off the floor in time to suggest that someone should set Boris Watch as Boris’s web browser home page so that he can find out what he has been doing!).

So just to reiterate what I think is as significant a story as the Olympic memorandum one which has been today’s main focus:

By the time the axing of the Rise festival’s anti-racism message had hit the media firmly enough for a journalist to have been dispatched to question him about it, Boris had not even heard that the axing was occurring, nor that it was supposed to have been ordered by him – indeed he didn’t really seem to have heard of the Rise festival at all.

This is 100% concrete proof that Boris is not some ‘visionary’ who is doing the job he was elected to do, i.e. issuing instructions to his staff to get things done. This footage clearly shows that, on this issue at the very least, he is indeed the ‘empty vessel’ Mayor he was accused of being at Question Time yesterday, with no idea of what is being done in his name by unelected right-wing cronies.

So who should the BNP’s Richard Barnbrook direct his heartfelt appreciation to now? Will we ever be told who is really pulling Boris’s strings?

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