Next Wednesday, the Mayor will be taking part in the State of London Debate.

As Mr Stop Boris noted last month, the event has been considerably cut, but will nonetheless feature Munira Mirza (Arts and Culture), Ray Lewis (children and young people) and Ross Kemp (hard man). The panel will focus on ‘increasing opportunities for young Londoners and helping young people share in the city’s success‘, with the latter pair bringing considerable experience to the discussion.

Possibly in preparation for the event, Boris has been indulging one of his long-term phobias. In a piece for thelondonpaper, he writes that – in order to show adolescents that ‘knifes are not cool‘ – he hopes to ‘counteract the damaging influences [of] drug-addled celebrities and violent video games‘. Previously, he has railed against “hypnotic little machines” and exhorted parents to ‘garrotte the Game Boy and paralyse the PlayStation”. I know, it is a dreadful coincidence that these games only seem to influence those in the deprived inner cities.

The State of London Debate will be held at Central Hall from 7-9.

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