Dave Hill recorded the State of London Debate, and I’ll work my way through it through it, over whisky, cigarettes etc. In the meantime, however, other reports are filtering through.

Dave notes differences of opinion among the panel, while Martin at Mayor Watch was entirely unimpressed with the officials, but thought that Ross Kemp was rather interesting. MSN UK revealingly claims that “every time the audience launched a question at [Boris], he neatly deflected it onto one of his cohorts“.

In Henley, the Conservatives creased the brow of Brown still further, and John Howells, the incoming MP, has paid tribute to Boris, which is nice.

Elsewhere, The F Word points me towards Object‘s Stripping The Illusion campaign, which is lobbying Boris to crack down on unregulated and unsafe lap dancing clubs. Do pop over, and have a wonderful weekend.

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