Ken Livingstone has just started his stint on LBC 97.3. He’s on from 1-4pm each day this week. Apparently Boris has turned down his invitation to appear as a guest.

Ken’s also been appealing for Andrew Gilligan to come on the show, “if you’re listening, as I imagine you are given that you’re so completely obsessed with everything I do” (or something like that – I quote from memory).

Apparently this first hour is given over to talking about Mayoralty-related stuff. So far we have learned that Ken thinks Boris’s biggest mistake is to focus too much on re-fighting the election – something Dave Hill commented on the other day. Of course, those of the Gilligan persuasion might perhaps think it unsurprising that Ken would not be keen on Boris instigating investigations into his past work…

Anyway, I’ll post this now while there’s still time for people to see it and tune in. I’ve set my radio to record this at home so may be able to post a compilation of any Boris-related highlights later, if it’s worthwhile.

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