At the Liberal Conspiracy event last week, I had a chat with Siân Berry, the Green party’s Stop Boris blog-reading former candidate for Mayor. She asked me to highlight her new campaign, which she’s running with her Alliance Against Urban 4x4s hat on.

I must admit I couldn’t remember what the campaign was about and therefore whether it was best placed on here or on my own blog, but I’ve just had a look and sure enough, it’s very much a Boris-focused campaign.

Boris and a knackered bike - graphic from the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s campaign page They’re asking Londoners to write to their new Mayor, asking him a few questions under the banner: “What will you do for greener transport in London?

The questions are all sensible, and I’d certainly like to hear the answers. (I’m particularly glad to see them making the point I somehow squashed into a short couplet in MYR of LDN about road collisions killing more young people in London than gun and knife crime – did I ever publicly congratulate our vocalist on somehow rendering lines like that both tuneful and intelligible?)

On the other hand, given with how little seriousness Boris treats questions from the elected London Assembly members, I wouldn’t hold my breath for any great revelations in his replies to these questions either.

Anyway, if you want to join in – the more the merrier of course – you can download a beautifully colourful PDF letter which bears something of a resemblance to a certain Mayor’s election campaign site (not to mention Friends Reunited), fill in your name and address and post it off to him at City Hall. I’m sure one of his subordinates will give you some sort of answer at some point, although I doubt Boris personally will even realise a campaign has been taking place.

P.S. Two things I particularly like about the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s web site (aside from its central message):

  1. Correct font used on road sign graphics
  2. Domain begins with “stop” ;)
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