Open Rights Group has issued a report into the e-counting of votes cast in the London Elections.  The organisation, which supports civil liberties against the poor implementation and regulation of digital technology, has stated that:

“there is insufficient evidence available to allow independent observers to state reliably whether the results declared in the May 2008 elections for the Mayor of London and the London Assembly are an accurate representation of voters’ intentions.”

As many as 41,000 ballots, it is claimed, are unaccounted for, with the only justification being ‘human error‘. The report also expresses concerns regarding the hundreds of screens that were ‘set up by the scanners to show almost meaningless data to observers, party candidates and agents, while officials admit that underneath the system was likely to be recording blank ballots as valid votes‘.

The GLA states that the London Assembly Elections Review committee are to launch an investigation into this ‘claim‘ that will “question a series of people and institutions involved in administering the vote and count, as well as the Open Rights Group who have questioned the conduct of the poll“.

The chair, Brian Coleman, has said that:

“The charge that voters have been denied their constitutional right is very serious and one which must be backed up by firm evidence. My committee will examine in detail the claims of the Open Rights Group and hear from the election administrators at our meeting on 17 July. If there have been problems in the conduct of the poll we will not hesitate to make firm recommendations to ensure voters in London can have confidence in the electoral process in the future. Equally the methodology used by the Open Rights Group to challenge the accuracy of results will be tested and exposed if found wanting.”

(H/t Sunny Hundal)

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