Reactions to the resignation of Ray Lewis have been swift. The tireless Dave Hill gives fine summations in the Guardian,  the Standard provides a reaction from Mary Massey and the Telegraph, the Times and the BBC pitch in.

Elsewhere, Dave also writes on the Routemaster, Jenny Jones comments on the Western Extension and various characters debate the ‘just walk away’ advice in the Independent. Rod Liddle is still dwelling on the McGrath case and Sunny gives a fierce rebuttal. Boris, meanwhile, has announced plans to create ‘low-carbon zones’, which Building Design covers.

In the blogs, Mayor Watch muses on City Hall organisation and The Tory Troll gives an excellent post on Boris’s fumblings. Diamond Geezer writes on Underground adverts, and Pink News interviews Boris, who is “very much looking forward” to Pride.

Like Tom, I’m saddened by the Ray Lewis incident. Even disregarding his innocence or guilt, London faces a problem both in attacks and the fear of them, and Boris’s enthusiasm has been directly influenced by his Deputy Mayor for Young People. He may press on with his current plans or he may be forced to return, beleaguered, to the drawing board.

In closing, I can offer a cheery tribute from Henley and recommend some music, just ‘cos I can.

Enjoy your weekend.

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