From the Telegraph:

It since emerged that the Bishop of Barking wrote to the mayor less than two weeks after he appointed Mr Lewis warning him that he was no longer authorised to serve as a minister, and inviting him to get in contact to discuss the matter. The letter was never passed on to the mayor.

Well, that’s interesting.  Are his highly paid transition team in the habit of not telling Boris about potentially damaging information received from respected members of the community?

Elsewhere, as anticipated yesterday, the wiggle room in the JP story is that he applied but never practiced:

“If you are fully paid-up members of the ‘hair splitters’ convention it will have made a difference to you whether or not I was appointed or recommended for appointment.

“I’ve passed all the interviews for it. I’ve had a letter confirming that I have been recommended for appointment to the board.”

I think ‘Fully Paid Up Members Of The Hair Splitters Convention’ would be a good Boris Watch tag line.  It doesn’t matter to me if he thinks you can pretend you’re a JP if you haven’t sat – what’s interesting is that Boris evidently took whatever he said to mean ‘sat in judgement on ne’er-do-wells’ and it was realising that he hadn’t, in fact, done this that finally broke Boris’ confidence (or, in fact, dented it slightly – it only made it ‘harder’ to give him the backing required).

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