After the debate on feminism at Blog Nation, as a feminist myself, I vowed to endeavour to highlight the topic in my blog postings wherever possible.

Perhaps through sexist male hypocrisy, I have barely mentioned women at all since then, but fortunately a certain former Mayor of London has made up some of my lost ground by offering a very good and detailed critique of his successor’s apparent attitude to employing the opposite sex.

He concludes, after detailing a large number of cuts in female staff levels and funding for women’s issues:

What has in fact been carried out is one of the most complete purges of women from the senior levels of management ever seen in any administration with corresponding changes at other levels.

It’s interesting that, as he says in this article, little attention has been paid to this issue, compared for instance with comments on his recruitment of ethnic minorities. I assume this is because, while everyone bar the BNP now accepts it’s offensive to discriminate against ethnic minorities, sexism pervades our society to a far greater extent than is ever acknowledged by most politicians, particularly on the right, and media outlets.

Perhaps under a politician with a media career we should not be surprised to see that same sexism pervading Boris’s administration.

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