So Boris did indeed axe the CO2 charge earlier, apparently losing TfL £30-60m a year in revenue, but he still claims to want to pursue the £500m, ten-year cycling programme Ken planned to fund with the extra income.

And now the Greens have spotted another bit of dodgy maths, in relation to the much-heralded savings on abolishing the Londoner publication.

When Mayor Johnson took office he announced the abolition of the Londoner newspaper which City Hall claimed would lead to £10.92m of savings over the next 4 years to be spend on the new Mayor’s policies.

However Green Party AM Jenny Jones says Mayor Johnson has committed himself to spend "a total of £16.08m” based on claims that the he would spend "£6m on Safer transport teams, £6m on park improvements, £4m on street trees, and £.08m on a Mayoral Prize for low carbon technology.”

On top of these commitments of non-existent money, Boris has already set aside nearly £1m in total for his “transition team” and Porsche. I assume he may also need to pick up the shortfall in the Rise bill caused by the unions withdrawing funding, and in the unlikely event he decides not to double bus fares for the poor on a permanent, rather than the current possibly temporary basis, there’ll be more money to find there after he turned down the chance to get cheaper oil.

If he keeps on at this rate, the next TfL fares revision and Council Tax precept are going to make painful reading – particularly for those who voted for Boris on the basis that he would waste less money and offer better value.

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