Following their report A Fairer London, the GLA has announced that Boris is raising the Living Wage for London to £7.45. This is 25p higher than the previous Living Wage and 35% higher than the national minimum wage.

In a statement, they report that “one in seven employees receive less than the £6.50” and “one in five employees receive less than the £7.45 London Living Wage“. The initiative is not compulsory, but employers have been encouraged support it. The GLA claim that:

“Twenty-seven organisations, including the GLA Group, have now signed up to paying their staff the London Living Wage.  Some of the other organisations besides the GLA Group include the Metropolitan Police Service, St Bart’s and the London Hospital, large banks such as HSBC and Deutsche Bank, higher education institutions such as the London School of Economics, think tanks like the Institute for Public Policy Research and a number of voluntary sector organisations such as the Child Poverty Action Group.”

The initiative has already been met with praise. Megan Dobney, Regional Secretary for the TUC in London, has said that:

“Trade unions and the TUC very much welcome Mayor Johnson’s commitment to taking forward the Living Wage in London. In challenging economic times low paid Londoners are struggling to meet their everyday living costs and in-work poverty remains an unacceptable fact for too many. We’re pleased that Boris Johnson has committed to the continued implementation of the policy throughout the GLA Group. And the Mayor was absolutely right to call on all employers in London to pay a living wage and to ask them to ensure that their contractors do likewise. We look forward to working closely with the Boris Johnson to ensure that the living wage is secured for low paid workers across London.”

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