The Tory Troll explains how our ‘Value for Money’ Mayor has taken another great decision: to spend £40,000 on a new web site, to replace the perfectly functional and usable existing web site.

Accessible and standards-based web design is something of a specialist subject for me so I’ll be interested to see what London gets for its money, but even if the new site meets every possible criterion for a good public service site it’s pretty hard to see why pouring £40k into re-doing something which is already of perfectly reasonable quality represents the kind of value for money Boris claimed we would see under his administration.

It’s extraordinary that with so many ‘number one priorities’ to address, Boris can instead rush through things like this as if they were urgent tasks that had been at the forefront of his manifesto.

And with this representing yet another commitment of taxpayers’ money to a frivolous and unnecessary task, the next TfL fares settlement and GLA council tax precept are looking more worrying by the day.

(Thanks to Helen for first alerting me to this.)

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