This week, the GLA released their Planning For A Better London report. We shall work way through it, with the requisite whisky and cigarettes, but in the meantime you can read it here, and, should you be gripped by inspiration, send your thoughts towards City Hall. Property Week and Building Design comment briefly.

Members of the media have offered differing opinions on diverse topics. Martin Bright applauds the lifting of the Living Wage for London, Andrew Gilligan is more thoughtful on the topic of knife crime (but should sack or slaughter whoever writes the headlines) and Rod Liddle wants you to be damned sure that he’s bloody annoyed by…something.

Elsewhere, the Tory Troll reports on the greatest comedy flop since Tommy Cooper’s death and Boris’s latest Telegraph column fiercely rebuts his recent critics. His jaw is clenched, his upper lip is stiff and his eyes are alight with righteous fury as he roars:

“I was right to go to Wimbledon!

Have a lovely weekend.

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