Dear Phil,

Thanks for the link, but this isn’t a Labour blog.



(Forgive that moment of self-indulgence, dear reader. We shall have more on the report later, hopefully, but in the meantime do check out this post from MayorWatch.)

Update: Phil has now clarified his reference:

“the Watch franchise are only not Labour to the extent that they consider the Blair/Brown Labour party to be right wing”

Don’t forget that if you are not satisfied with this element of the Watch franchise you can (but aren’t necessarily advised to) drop in at other branches including UK Watch, Aaronovitch Watch, Migration Watch, Horowitz Watch, Spin Watch, PR Watch, Hitchens Watch, Greenwich Watch, Blair Watch (which should have been called the Blair Watch Project but hey ho), LGF Watch, Blears Watch, Malkin Watch, Olbermann Watch, Steyn Watch, Terry Watch, Norman Baker Watch,  and, of course, the other Boris Watch.

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