It’s well known that the post of Mayor of London is one of the most powerful in the UK, with very little anyone can do to stop the Mayor doing more or less whatever he (or perhaps one day she) wants.

Boris’s election added to the problem, because the Conservatives hold more than a third of the seats on the Assembly, meaning that no cross-party co-operation is required to prevent two thirds of the Assembly voting to block the Mayor’s budget. This renders the Assembly more toothless than it already was.

Clearly Team Boris are enjoying the lack of accountability to political opposition, so today it’s been announced that there will be no Labour member on the board of the LDA – the first time since its creation that any of the three main political parties has not been represented there.

Ken Livingstone’s PR operation’s been busy lately. Here’s what he’s had to say on this matter:

The decision by Boris Johnson to exclude Labour from the London Development Agency board, even though Labour are the second largest group on the London Assembly, is a direct attack on the accountability and transparency of the LDA – it means no one from the second largest group on the London Assembly will participate in LDA Board discussions or have access to LDA Board documents. This is an act of political factionalism that is not in the interests of London working together.

It would not have been permitted under my administration, where I ensured that all three major parties in London were represented on the LDA board. Furthermore as Labour holds its largest number of council seats – and won some its biggest support in the Assembly elections – in areas with the biggest deprivation in London, Boris Johnson has removed from the room the very people whose constituents are most in need of the LDA’s regeneration work.  It shows the attacks by Boris Johnson on accountability – and also shows the lack of seriousness that Boris Johnson really places on the issue of regenerating London’s poorest areas so that all Londoners can participate in our city’s success.

But of course it’s Ken who had cronies and corruption and waste, not Boris (who’s taken exactly the same approach as Ken to senior appointments, pulling them from the narrow field of a niche political organisation, but with the added twist that they’re nearly all white and male too; failed to run any checks on his now-sacked Deputy Mayor for Youth; and wasted literally millions of pounds in merely his first hundred days). Any Evening Standard reader knows that (apart from the stuff in brackets…).

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