The Tory Troll, fresh from his summer travels, quotes a source as saying that:

“The rumour that the MPA is to be relocated is still circulating. Although how they intend to find desk space for another 100 people in City Hall is beyond me – unless this means 100 redundancies of City hall based staff.”

This rumour follows Dave’s revelation that Laurence Gouldbourne, Head of Equalities and Diversity at the MPA, has been made redundant “effective immediately“, with a source saying that it “happened so quickly that no-one in the MPA seems to know any more detail than this – including his staff“.

Boris and the police services have had a fractious relationship. There have been contradictory statements regarding the prevalence of crime and warnings of police cuts, despite Johnson’s previous exhortations to the contrary. At the end of last month it was reported that the Mayor would slash the TfL and, significantly considering recent speculation, MPA budgets in order to pay for his anti-knife programmes.

Has he decided that centralisation will makes things much more simple for him?

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