Paul Waugh at his Evening Standard blog:

Insiders claim that Mr Boles was closely involved in the appointment of each of the three figures who have been forced to quit – former Deputy Mayor Ray Lewis, former deputy chief of staff James McGrath and now Tim Parker. I’m told that a power struggle with Sir Simon Milton was part of the reason for the latest departure of Mr Parker (the vastly more experienced Milton having been installed as policy chief), as well as an insistence from TfL chief Tim O’Toole that he would not take orders from anyone on transport other than the Mayor). Yet Boles had reassurred Boris that Parker was the man to effectively “run London” on his behalf.”

This whipping boy has surely been torn to shreds by now. Let’s look at the Mayor’s statement:

“I was delighted when Tim Parker agreed to take charge of the Board on my behalf. Over the last few weeks, however, it has become increasingly apparent to both of us that the nature of the decisions that need to be take are highly political and there is no substitute for me, as the directly elected Mayor, being in charge. There are limits, therefore, to what can be delegated.”

According to this, then, Parker’s ability has never been in doubt, but the decision to place an unelected figure in positions of such authority was a foolish one. If the “run London on his behalf” quote is correct then Boris agreed, leaving him responsible for delegating away his power.

If Boles was also at fault, we must also wonder “who the hell appointed him?

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