Here’s the best analysis of the CCHQ/London Tory spat that culminated in the ejection of Tim Parker.  Amazingly it’s from the Evening Standard.

So senior Central Office figures, Lord Marland, the Conservative party treasurer and Nicholas Boles were sent to form a “transition team” to shore up Johnson.

Francis Maude, then party chairman, was also closely involved. Maude was a friend of Parker’s. The businessman had all the credentials: he had a proven track record of taking out costs, something the Tories believed City Hall desperately needed; he talked enthusiastically, always, about the need to provide value for money, of supplying the highest quality service at the best price ; he was personally wealthy and, following the sale of the AA to Saga, was available.

This approach took little account of the nuances of politics, of the need to keep the electorate on side. Neither did it pay much heed to the other senior members of the City Hall executive, in particular Tim O’Toole, boss of the London Underground and Sir Simon Milton, Johnson’s deputy mayor in charge of policy and planning. Both men are heavy hitters, vastly more experienced than Parker in their own fields – O’Toole in running transport, Milton, the former leader of Westminster council, in local government. Both found Parker hard to take…

Now read the rest.  Nice to see Maude getting his, though.

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