The Labour Councillors of Barnet alerted me earlier to the brewing storm over Brian Coleman’s comments on the British Olympians being “tainted with the blood of Tibetans” and leaving “their consciences at passport control”, mentioned earlier by a fellow Boris Watcher.

They sent me a scanned copy of the article, which you can see in full by clicking on the small copy below.

Brian Coleman's Olympics article - click for full version

It’s certainly strong stuff, and Boris has been quick to distance himself from it, although as votedforken points out, there’s not a great deal of distance being put between them, as Coleman still remains in post as chair of the fire authority. Presumably Boris can’t afford another high-profile sacking, but can he afford to have someone attacking the Olympics so vehemently staying as one of his appointments?

Oh, and here’s one other quote from the article, for the record:

If the 2012 Games come in at the current budget of £9.3billion I will happily walk naked down Ballards Lane.

That’s quite a threat: I hope LOCOG will bear it in mind and adopt their new expensive video screen to push up costs and save us all from that terrifying sight.

Mind you, I don’t think he’d really go through with that threat – it’s so extraordinarily unlikely. Naked? Yes, that might happen. But walk? Never.

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