Boris has won a GQ magazine award as Politician of the Year.  Well, since we’re not starting up Yvette Cooper Watch any time soon, it’s not exactly a surprise given his huge media profile this year plus the fact that he used to be GQ’s motoring correspondent.  What did catch my eye was a useful opportunity for Boris to witness at close quarters the kind of incivility, lack of respect for the elderly, promiscuity and drunkeness amongst the young, tackling which he’s put at the heart of his mayoralty.

Just a shame it was Lily Allen, really.  It would therefore be entirely childish and predictable of me to print this picture:

Lily and Boris

Lily and Boris

and this comment from Boris at the time:

“I am greatly encouraged to hear that Lily Allen, who has a tremendous young fan base, is speaking out against violence and wants to do something positive.”

Telling Elton John to f*** off is something I’m sure many of us have considered at times, but there’s a time and a place for everything, Lily.  It’s no doubt small comfort to Boris Johnson that Sir Elton could apparently still ‘snort you under the table’.  Classy.  As for the Mayor himself, it’s time to cut out the celebrity endorsements and get on with the job, I suggest.

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