Bad luck, Boris: the world didn’t end when scientists switched on the ‘Big Bang Machine’ earlier, so you still have to submit yourself to the outrageous indignity of answering questions in public at 10am today.

You can find the agenda for this morning’s meeting here, and can watch a webcast, as I intend to, here.

You can also preview all the questions submitted to the Mayor here (PDF).

Highlights include “What is the Mayor doing to make it more affordable to live in London?” (I’m guessing the answer doesn’t include raising TfL’s fares) and “Bendy buses: are you consulting bus passengers regarding the review and re-tendering of services on routes 38, 507, 521?”, which is certainly a good question given his apparent intention to remove the popular and appropriate bendies from these routes without consulting their users, despite his proclaimed love of consultations. Unless he’s suggesting that only certain well-heeled, non-bus-using, Western Extension Zone-dwelling Londoners have opinions that matter, of course…

Anyway, the majority of the questions in the PDF will be answered in writing by next week, but the first chunk – hopefully including at least one of the above – should be answered in his usual excruciatingly drawn-out and non-committal way at this morning’s meeting. If you haven’t watched one of these before, well, you might just be wishing the Large Hadron Collider had malfunctioned spectacularly after all, after a few hours of wincing at Boris’s evasions and desperate deployments of Latin.

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