Why, if one of the purported reasons for phasing out bendy buses is the fare evasion issue, are two of the first three routes (507 and 521) to be phased out the ones with the least fare evasion (figures from 2005, but the routes and user profile haven’t changed).

Route Penalty Fares issued TIRAs* issued Penalty Fare Irregularity rate TIRA Irregularity rate Total Irregularity rate
507 40 39 0.31% 0.30% 0.61%
521 24 31 0.34% 0.44% 0.79%
Network Total 5,616 5,105 0.59% 0.53% 1.12%

*TIRA: Ticketing Irregularity Report seriousness A. These may also be described as notices that are issued to fare evaders who will be pursued for prosecution.

I now declare that we’re officially allowed to poke merciless fun at anyone claiming that next year’s phase out will pay for itself out of reduced fare evasion.  Someone’s bound to, but after all, if bendy fare evasion is a problem that needs tackling and the only answer is replacement, why not replace those routes where it’s actually a problem?

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