Boris has announced cuts at City Hall, threatening to dispose of around 100 jobs in an effort to save £7.5 million by the end of 2009. This restructuring appears to be dependent upon the GLA becoming “more coherent, focused and [capable of delivering] better value“, and will include the freezing of vacanct positions as well as redundancies.

In order to achieve this, the GLA will be structured in four key areas Communities; Development & Environment; Finance & Operations; and Corporate Affairs. Boris has given the former the faintly sinister title of “Communities and Intelligence”, and has declared that it will have “a mission to strengthen communities, tackle deprivation and improve social mobility“.

He also claims to have already saved “£1m…from the restructuring of my office and £0.5m from stopping my predecessors plans for unnecessary growth“, and the Evening Standard has helpfully rounded this up to £2 million.

John Biggs has commented, with surprising restraint, that “this is nothing more than a wellspun re-launch of a failed mayoralty“.

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