Newly non-political watchdog London Travelwatch are having a public meeting to discuss, amongst other things, the Route 38, 507 and 521 debendification proposals.  They say:

We will also be looking at proposals on whether bus routes 38 (between Victoria and Clapton Pond), 521 (between Waterloo and London Bridge) and the 507 (between Waterloo and Victoria) should continue to use articulated buses, or should be replaced by other buses.

The next London TravelWatch meeting, open to all members of the press and public, will be held at London TravelWatch’s offices at 6 Middle St, London, EC1A 7JA, at 9.45. The discussion on the future of bendy buses will be held at 15.45.

I’d like to think I could get along and see what was up, but time is limited at the moment.  It’s worth noting that approaching the bendy question from the point of view of overcrowding is going to come up with very different answers from those supplied by the cyclists and Policy Exchange wonks Boris is used to listening too.  Let’s hope for a strong stand being made in favour of the bus user.

Update – added in the missing quote from LT, which gremlins ate.

(h/t to James Buller in our comments)

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