The Mirror reports that, despite his silly apology for that article, Boris still isn’t sold on the “broken society” claims.

David Cameron, of course, has been their most forthright proponent, and has spoken, vomit-inducingly, of “anarchy in the UK“. He may be interested to know, then, that…

“This is a very, very safe city. There is a problem to do with a small minority which we can tackle with a series of small steps.”

Admittedly, Boris had previously stated that these small steps represented “a mammoth task“, but we can hardly expect coherence.

Naturally, the unofficial opposition have been exploiting the differences in the analysis of the Conservatives foremost political figures:

“Boris Johnson is the gift that keeps on giving for Labour. We make it three cabinet ministers now (Smith, Purnell, Miliband since you ask) who have quoted him describing David Cameron’s talk of a “broken society” as “piffle”.”

Mild solidarity with Boris here, because I can picture the faces that Purnell and Miliband must have pulled and it’s turned my knuckles into golf balls. Nonetheless, this highlights David Cameron’s predicament.

Can he continue to marginalise Boris when the Mayor remains his most prominent media figure, or will he be forced to grant him a more vocal role in the Party itself? Alternatively, will the latter force his hand and continue baby-stepping away from the Party Line?

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