The previous Chairman, Brian Cooke, having been defenstrated by the Transport Committee for Backing Boris (never a great thing in a supposedly independent consumer champion), a permanent replacement has been announced in Sharon Grant:

Ms Grant comes to the post with a strong consumer background. She has been Chair of the Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health for the last six years, and sits on the Food Standards Agency Advisory Committee on Consumer Engagement. She has extensive previous experience in local government and has worked as a parliamentary advisor and an academic.

What it doesn’t mention is that she’s the widow of the very left wing, very outspoken Labour MP Bernie Grant and an ex-Haringey councillor in her own right, and I can guess which party.  Don’t get much more multicultural or, well, London Labour, than that.  I look forward to her meeting Antony Browne at GLA functions with *relish*.

More here, in an interesting article in the Guardian from 2005.

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