Much hilarity in these parts over Andrew Gilligan’s typically fact-free, misquoted and over-the-top attack in the Standard today, which it’s hard not to see as a desperate attempt to reinflate the bendy jihad after its implosion over the past two weeks.  Just a few quick points in case anyone actually reads his articles any more and decided to come here as a result:

  1. the neocon/bendy jihad parallel isn’t my idea, it’s an excellent spot by the Yorkshire Ranter about a month back.  Credit where credit’s due
  2. Mr. Gilligan knows full well who’s behind the Jihad, since he contributed to their pamphlet back in 2005, as we noticed months ago.  Is he claiming that he didn’t notice Policy Exchange was deeply entwined with the right-wing propagandists and neocon bully boys via the likes of Dean Godson?  No wonder he screwed up the biggest story of his career so badly back in 2003.  Could have changed history for the better there, Andy.  Hint: if you want to make a career in journalism, try establishing all the facts instead of just picking out the ones that suit the line you’re pushing.  Then, if you’re lucky enough to get another big story, you might not screw it up quite as badly.

More later.  I’ve offered the Yorkshire Ranter the right of reply here or at his own blog, since it’s really his story.

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