Back to reality.  We’re getting to the stage when Boris is going to have to announce which transport improvements are for the chop – the Cross River Tram, thought to be vulnerable, is attracting cross-party support from Southwark, where the ruling LibDem/Tory coalition have been meeting Sir Simon Milton to put their case, with Boris’s most recent public noises on the subject having been less obviously dismissive.  Good opportunity to see what Boris’s much-heralded better co-operation with the boroughs means in practice there.  Meanwhile, the opposition Labour group want to put up big signs on the council’s Tooley Street offices to remind Boris on his way to work at City Hall, but this has been shot down owing to the conservation area status.

More at SE1 and London Reconnections, and Simon Hughes MP has tabled an EDM on the subject.  London Reconnections have another story on the reshaping of TfL’s project plan, which New Civil Engineer magazine reports will kill CRT, the Dagenham Dock DLR extension, Greenwich Waterfront Transit and East London Transit, basically leaving the Tube, East London Line Extension Phase 2 (on which nothing has been heard) and Crossrail, and that’s yer lot.  Depressing.  As LR notes, scrapping these saves almost no big money, and further:

In comparison to projects such as Crossrail and the Underground Upgrades they are certainly less important, but in comparison to some other projects currently on the books they don’t fare quite so badly. The continued existence of the Mayor’s magical Routemaster project tends to render any efforts to claim that current London Transport policy is routed entirely in realism null and void.

One other bit of news that’s gone quiet – the supposed Oyster PAYG on National Rail summit was supposed to be held on the 21st October 2008.  Anyone heard a peep?

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