Well, the story just keeps snowballing – latest is Time Out, which picks up Gilligan’s Monday rant and ties it neatly in with the value-for-money aspects, all this from a bendy-sceptic too. Elsewhere Sadie’s Tavern has a brief mention. Remember, proper bloggers don’t like sock-puppets – they ruin the fun.

To round off what has been a great day for blogging and general hilarity, can I invite our readers to help us with the unpleasant task of trying to come up with a comprehensive list of the number of times ‘kennite’ mentions Andrew Gilligan in the third person or otherwise indulges in inappropriate behaviour? To start you off, here’s a thread from last year about the security services planting stories via friendly journalists:

Blackadder: “This Gilligan chap certaily has a history of having issues with confidential sources, as can be seen in his willingness to out them within minutes of sitting down in front of a cabinet select committee.”

kennite: “But he didn’t do that. And there’s no such thing as a “cabinet select committee.””

Strike one. If anyone’s public-spirited enough to have a delve, let us know what you find via the comments. Thanks.

Ben adds: You can see why he didn’t bother to use this stunning insight in a Standard column…

I’ve never seen this before: an incumbent Mayor, and two of the other candidates, posting on a talkboard. On a public holiday, too. Could they, perhaps, be desperate? Interesting to see that Boris doesn’t feel the need to post.”

Yes, our Boris has always shied away from the media.

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