Via the Fact Compiler:

Much excitement late this evening as a DafT press release hurtles into The Fact Compiler’s inbox.

It is an early morning invitation to a “Photocall with Transport Minister Andrew Adonis to illustrate a major announcement regarding Crossrail

The Fact Compiler will stay in bed. He doesn’t want to be lynched when an increase in the Crossrail business levy is announced.

We’ll see. Obviously if Adonis (who I personally think might make a good Rail Minister, if only because it stops him interfering in education) wants a photocall, I suspect it’s good news. After all, bad news would be buried, presumably, this being the DfT.

Update – yes, it is good news – BAA have agreed £230m of funding for it. I wonder if the continuing support for the third runway at Heathrow might have helped, but then I’m cynical.

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