Didn’t go myself, but Dave Hill did, and reports the usual suburban-friendly whiffle to the usual suburban audience.  Remember, the important one is the next one, which should be in a poorer, urban area if he’s to keep up the ‘Mayor for all Londoners’ line.

Also, Martin Hoscik has spotted that Boris is spinning shamelessly if he thinks that by discharging a statutory duty in exactly the same place his predecessor did two years ago he has somehow ‘fulfilled a manifesto pledge to make London Government accountable and transparent’.  No, Boris, that would have been, say, allowing the press more time to question you instead of quite a bit less than your predecessor.  Pledge not fulfilled, in my book.  The occasional rude and condescending answer to AMs is left on the file, along with those that say precisely nothing in flowery language.

Update: the Troll is of the opinion that it was ‘two hours of fist-chewing, hair-tearing, disingenuous bluster’.  LBC have the entire thing.

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