Right, time to get back to some actual Boris watching.  Gilligan is, I think, safely bottled up for good now – the general feeling of ‘I liked you when you were standing up to Blair but now I realise you’re a complete arsehole’ seems to have generated its own momentum, and he’s going to find it very hard to continue with his current style of journalism now he’s on everyone‘s radar as a BS merchant, rather than just us Boriswatchers.

Besides, I didn’t start Boris blogging primarily to take down Gilligan, but, rather nebulously, to stop mythmaking by interrupting the cosy conduit of politician->spin doctor->press release->mainstream press.  The (perhaps naive) hope is that this would force the new Mayor to pause before taking the lazy option of putting obvious crap into the top of the pipe.  That Mr. Gilligan chose to get in the way is his own business.

With that, I’ve got three or four posts bottled up, the missus is at the cinema, the nipper is asleep, I’ve got Minder on my PVR and a cup of tea.  Time to get some blogging in.

Oh, and before I forget, happy 40th birthday, Andrew.

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