A few months ago I noted that Boris had, rather obliquely, admitted that he was going to stop holding and funding the Capitalwoman conference. Lis Ssenjovu has an update…

“After not getting a response on the status of Capitalwoman (despite multiple emails and messages) I wrote to my MP Diane Abbott. She responded as follows:

‘Unfortunately the new Mayor, Boris Johnson, has cancelled this event, which would explain why you have not been updated on it recently.’”

Cancelling the event without even an announcement and ignoring requests for information, let alone proposing an alternative, shows that Boris’s “ongoing engagement” is hardly a priority.

Last month it was revealed that, while it’s Time For Action on youth crime, any strategy for combating violence against women could be eased onto the back burner. To ensure that Boris’s pledge regarding rape crisis centres isn’t forgotten, the London Feminist Network have created a sample letter to send him. Here’s an extract…

“In the light of what we know of the extent of violence against women in our society – including the fact that in the UK over 45% of women have experienced some form of domestic violence, sexual violence or stalking, and it is conservatively estimated that 80,000 women suffer rape every year – this lack of provision is a scandalous indictment of our society’s failure to care for women’s safety and wellbeing.

I understand that you are currently developing a strategy to address all forms of violence against women in London. I would appreciate information as to the aims and reach of this strategy, and an indication of the timescale for its implementation. I would also appreciate information on the timescale for the provision of the four new rape crisis centres.”

If you’re a member then we do encourage you to send one (and, hell, if you’re not then you could write your own. Go nuts.)

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